Dance Arts Studio prides itself on a strong commitment to proper technique and vocabulary, as well as tasteful and age-appropriate music and costumes. Dance classes for ages 3-Adult are offered.


Music & Movement | Ages 2-3

Music & Movement is a fun, creative, and energetic 30-minute class that emphasizes singing AND dancing.Students will have fun learning children's favorites, such as "The Hip Hop ABC's!", as well as other songs and dances using music from all over the world. Children will also learn different musical rhythms, instruments, and sounds. All songs, lessons, and activities are developmentally appropriate for this age group. This is a non-recital class. *parent participation may be required

Creative Movement | Ages 3-4

Our Creative Movement class is designed to provide very young children with a strong foundation in movement and rhythm, as well as an introduction to Ballet. Students will learn classroom etiquette and group dynamics, as well as counting, tempos and coordination. A variety of musical instruments and props are utilized to assist in the fun! All students must be potty-trained.  

Ballet/Tap Combo | ages 5-7

This 45-minute class provides a good introduction to the basics of classical ballet and tap. Once dancers reach the age of 7 and have demonstrated technical proficiency in the combo class, they can make an informed choice as to which individual classes they would like to pursue. *Children in 2nd grade may also choose this class if they are interested in both Ballet and Tap, but not ready to move into two separate classes per week.  

Ballet | ages 6-up

Ballet is considered the foundation of all other forms of dance. Our ballet classes are influenced by the Cecchetti Method, which is an Internationally recognized method of classical ballet. The first part of the year is dedicated to technique and strengthening, while the last part is dedicated to recital choreography and performance. Students also learn correct ballet terminology, which is spoken in French.

            *Pointe - Students age 12-up who take at least two ballet classes per week and are highly dedicated to their dance classes may be invited by the instructor to test for Pointe Class.
             *Ballet/Pointe Variations & Solos - Students age 12-up -  Ballet/Pointe Variations & Solos introduces Int/Adv ballet students to the famous choreography of ballets such as Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, and Giselle, etc. Students will gain knowledge of many famous ballets while learning to perform challenging variations and solos. This class builds strength, poise and awareness of the true aspects of performance.   **Pre-requisite - students must take at least two classes per week and should be highly dedicated to their dance classes.

Hip Hop/Jazz | ages 5-12

Our Hip Hop/Jazz classes offers boys and girls an intro to both Hip Hop and Jazz dance and is a great way to burn some energy! Students will learn fundamental hip hop/jazz steps, combined with elements of hip hop moves and popular age-appropriate music. 

Jazz (Traditional) | Middle & High School**

** Prerequisite: dancers must be concurrently enrolled in Ballet and have previous Ballet experience.
Jazz classes are energetic and fun! Classes are based on the methods of traditional jazz, as well as the styles of today (video jazz, hip-hop), and are always age-appropriate. Music styles used in class range from Oldies, Disco, 80's and Pop, to name a few.

Acro dance | ages 7-up

Acro teaches flexibility, balance, strength, muscle control, and discipline in combination with basic Jazz Dance. Acro is NOT a gymnastics class. This class is great for more athletic students looking to enhance their flexibility and strength through basic acrobatics.

Tap | ages 7-up

Tap classes develop an enhanced sense of rhythm, coordination and sound clarity. A combination of Broadway-style and rhythm tap is taught.

Modern/Contemporary | ages 10-up**

**Prerequisite: at least 2 years of Ballet and must be concurrently enrolled in Ballet. Experience in Jazz also highly recommended.
Modern Contemporary is based on the techniques of such Modern Dance founders as Martha Graham & Lester Horton, and has several style variations. It allows students to be expressive, while still incorporating Ballet and Jazz technique. Classes are a blend of ballet, jazz, and modern dance, as well as the styles of today (as seen on popular television shows) and allow freedom without compromising technique. Contemporary dance include floor work and can be considered fairly "athletic" in nature.

Lyrical ballet | ages 12-up**

**Prerequisite: at least 2 years of Ballet and should be concurrently enrolled in Ballet.
Lyrical ballet is performed to music with lyrics to inspire movements that express strong feelings and emotions. Technique draws from both ballet and jazz .

Private Dance Lessons

Private lessons are offered for ages 7 through adult, beginners through advanced. Lessons are typically in Ballet, but other genres considered. Tuition rates $50/hour or $30/half-hour.

  • for students who need additional help in their regular dance classes

  • for students who cannot attend regularly scheduled classes at the studio

  • for gymnastics students to enhance their gracefulness and poise

  • for students who are in talent shows and need short-term help choreographing and/or learning a dance