The use of a dress code greatly enhances the unity of the dance class and allows the instructor to work with the student on posture and proper alignment.


All dancers age 3-18:

  • Female dancers: black leotard and pink tights; ballet skirt optional, no tutus
  • Male dancers: black shorts or pants, white shirt


  • Ballet - pink leather or canvas ballet slippers (white or black for males)
  • Tap - black mary-jane style for combo class, black tap oxfords for Tap (2nd grade-up)
  • Contemporary - Dance Paws, Foot Undeez
  • Hip Hop & Jazz - black jazz shoes


  • Hair must be in a bun or ponytail; short hair held back securely with headband or barrettes
  • No jewelry
  • No t-shirts or cover-ups

Adult classes: Dancers may wear clothing of choice, with appropriate footwear.